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I first designed Darien in 2001 when I was designing and developing some themes for Thesis 1.82. I didn’t end up developing it, but did use the design for a custom website built for a poet.

Darien made its comeback after years of viewing writers’ and bloggers’ websites that did not foster undistracted reading of the content. Themes available all had sidebars or other elements that required them to be filled up with things that pulled the eye away from the material in the posts. Something had to be done to rescue these frustrated users.

I took the basic design from the custom website I built and totally revamped it, adding in many details, ultimate user-friendliness, and robustness not found in the original.

The result is a unique theme that fulfills the needs of many types of users, one that is easy to use, requires very little setup, yet provides the sophistication not available in other themes.

All at a price considerably lower than other mostly inadequate themes.

So take a close look at Darien. You are sure to find a type of post that suits your style, or you may even discover a way to use it that’s not found here in the demo.